Monday, November 18, 2019

BTVI Holds College Fair

Javano Collins learns about the scholarship opportunities available through the Lyford Cay Scholarship Foundations from Director of Programs, Dr. Giavana Jones.
Photos: Shantique Longley

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) recently held a college fair for its students to allow them to explore the opportunities available upon completion of their studies.

Present during the fair were representatives of Florida Memorial University, Georgia State University, Fanshawe College and the Lyford Cay Scholarship Foundations.

During the fair, BTVI student, Javano Collins visited each booth, browsing through handouts and collecting information he hopes would eventually help him help The Bahamas.

“I hope to discover a lot of information and opportunities that will allow me to help my country and fill the gaps that will make us globally competitive in science and technology,” said the Software Engineering major.

Fellow technological major, O’Neil Charlton perused the fair in search of opportunities to further his education.

“I’m hoping to gather as much information and scholarship opportunities as I can from the colleges present here so I can further my education and gain up to a PhD from one of the various accredited colleges BTVI is associated with,” said the Information Technology major.

BTVI’s Student Affairs department has been hosting two college fairs per year for eight years. Dean of Student Affairs, Racquel Bethel stated how this tradition exposes students to the many opportunities available to them through BTVI.

“We have a growing population of students, many of whom intend to matriculate into schools abroad following their studies at BTVI. With these college fairs, we want to give them a firsthand look at what is available for them through the schools we partner with that will allow them to use the credits they’ve already earned at BTVI towards furthering their education,” said Ms. Bethel.

Georgia State University representative shares information about the school with a BTVI student.

A student gets information about Florida Memorial University located in Miami Gardens, Florida.