Tuesday, October 1, 2019

We can be Heroes

By Michael Verdon

I typically use this column to introduce the theme of each month’s issue. The copy in your hands has multiple stories about emerging technologies that we hope will give you concrete ideas to apply to your business.

As I write this, however, the boating industry is actively responding to the Hurricane Dorian disaster in the northern Bahamas. This will be old news by the time you’re reading this, but what struck me most about this story — besides Dorian leveling much of the Abacos and devastating thousands of lives — was the response by U.S. boaters and our industry to an event that, technically, wasn’t our problem.

The response was immediate, albeit disjointed. Go Fund Me accounts appeared as soon as it was clear that Dorian would wreak havoc on the northern Bahamas. Flotillas of boat owners in South Florida also planned to head over with relief supplies, hours after Dorian had passed up the Florida coast.  Read more >>