Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The rare Bahama nuthatch may have paid the ultimate price in Dorian

The ruins of a neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in Sandbank, Abaco, Bahamas, on Sept. 28. (Ramon Espinosa/AP)

By Howard Youth

Howard Youth is senior editor at American Bird Conservancy.

Hurricane Dorian’s catastrophic pass over the northwestern Bahamas leaves us heartbroken for those who lost their lives, family and friends, and homes. It will likely take years for homes, infrastructure and the local economy to be restored. Sadly, some things that have been lost will never be recovered. In the aftermath of this historic storm, we might come to realize that one of those permanent losses includes an unheralded songbird called the Bahama nuthatch. This rare bird species might have paid the ultimate price, extinction, in this disaster, or perhaps even skidded into oblivion just before it due to a hurricane that preceded Dorian.  Read more >>