Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Same-Sex Relationships in the Bible

The stories of two prominent same-sex couples in the Scriptures provide gay men and lesbians with Biblical models of committed love in stressful circumstances.  Read more >>

Gay Couples in the Bible

It seems unlikely that in a book like the Bible, which covers four thousand years of human history, there would be absolutely no gay people. Even the most vocal anti-gay Christians cannot prove that assertion.  Read more >>

Proof of same-sex love in the Bible

Most people often condemn homosexuality and they use the bible as basis for their condemnation.  The tragic reality is that they don’t know the original meaning of the words in Hebrew or Greek tjta deal with homosexuality. And they haven’t tried to understand the historical context in which those words were written. Yet the assumption that the Bible condemns homosexuality is passed down from generation to generation with very little personal study or research. The consequences of this misinformation are disastrous, not only for God’s gay and lesbian children, but for the entire church.  Read more >>