Friday, September 20, 2019

Rev. Al Sharpton – National Action Network Appeal To Help The Bahamas

by Basil Roman

CARIB NEWS Publisher Karl B. Rodney was a special guest and on-air speaker at the National Action Network Saturday Rally, September 14 and radio broadcast live on WLIB. The effort was to update the broader community on how they can continue to support the relief efforts of those impacted in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian.

Every Saturday morning, Rev. Sharpton and the National Action Network held a rally at the NAN Headquarters, House of Justice at 106 West 145th Street. Rev Sharpton uses this time to address the community on many important issues in politics, media and current events. The rallies are attended by hundreds of live guests and are also video recorded and live-streamed on NAN website – from 10.00 to 1 am. NAN broadcasts live on Impact Television across the country.

Saturday, September 14, the one-hour conversation was focused on how the broader community can collectively work to provide aid to the effort of restoring the beautiful Bahamas after the devastation caused by hurricane Dorian. Rev. Sharpton stated “as we continue to organize and mobilize in our community as activists around issues concerning us most, it is important to stay connected and intertwined with our history and what keeps us going.  Read more >>