Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Editor’s Note: Abaco, Grand Bahama and the Comeback to Come

The sea of Abaco

By Alexander Britell

On Sept. 8, 1932, the biggest storm ever recorded in Abaco pummeled the island, destroying hundreds of homes and killing 10 people, just enough to land it on page 22 of the Sept. 9 edition of the New York Times.

Today, Hurricane Dorian and its landfall in Abaco and Grand Bahama are on the front page of every newspaper around the world.

That our hearts and minds and attentions are so intensely focused on the events and people in the northwestern Bahamas this week is a testament not just to the power of the Internet but to what this wonderful corner of the world, The Bahamas, has come to mean to so many around the world, in the last eight decades.

The horror of Hurricane Dorian is at the forefront of the news this week, an unholy tempest that has brought devastation to these corners of the 700-island chain of The Bahamas: Abaco and Grand Bahama.  Read more >>