Friday, August 2, 2019

Relax and Unplug on Long Island, the Hidden Gem of the Bahamas

by Matthew Jussim

If you want to get away and indulge in a beach vacation, you need to head to Long Island. No, we don’t mean the fish-shaped peninsula jutting out of New York, but rather the one in the Bahamas. Often likened to a string of pearls, the Bahamas comprises over 700 islands scattered across 100 square miles of ocean. So, yeah, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery.

But if you’re looking for an under-the-radar destination where you can truly get away from it all—and enjoy some of the world’s best beaches in the process—head to Long Island, a quiet spot with just over 3,000 residents. It’s a stark contrast to the main tourist destinations—namely Nassau and Paradise Island—giving you the chance to see the Bahamas in a more raw, unadulterated form.

Here are some of the best ways to explore the area’s hidden gems and unplug from the usual day-to-day grind.  Read more >>