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#242NewsBahamas Newsletter Edition: August 22nd, 2019

In The True Spirit of BASRA!

Dear Readers,
For nearly 50 years, officials of the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association of Grand Bahama have hosted an annual beach party at the famed Coral Beach on Grand Bahama Island. What began as a fundraising event to support the organization’s rescue efforts eventually blossomed into the ultimate end of summer beach party. As the event has grown, so too has the community participation and involvement. The event now not only attracts local Grand Bahamians but also participants from Abaco, and New Providence and other family islands.
For decades now, organizers of the event have taken on the increasingly complicated task of coordinating volunteers and securing the necessary donations required to make their work possible. As has been the annual tradition, BASRA’s Volunteer board secured the use of the Coral Beach area (above the high tide water mark) for BASRA’s bar, food tent (rotary) the band and more. Over the last few years the event added TENT sponsorship, as a way to pay for shade, earn corporate funds and provide drinks for the renters. This decision was also made to discourage patrons from bringing their own beverages and encourage the sale of donated products.

Newly Renovated Stoned Crab Opens at Taino Beach
Last week, the business community of Grand Bahama officially helped proprietor Olivia Pagés open her newly revamped Stoned Crab Restaurant and Bar on Taino Beach. The iconic restaurant, with its signature,three-pointed roofs was packed with well-wishers including the Deputy Prime Minister, Peter Turnquest, who is also the MP for the Lucaya area.
Welcoming guests to the event, was Master of Ceremonies, Brenford Christie, well-known attorney for McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes, and Step-Father to the owner.
Bahamian Brewery Expands into a New 
Three Acre Warehouse with Retail Location to Open Soon
For more than a decade, the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company Limited (BBB) has redefined the beer business in The Bahamas. Since launching in 2008, the company has become known throughout the islands for its signature products brewed in Grand Bahama like Sands, Sands Light, and Sands Pink Radler along with their Bush Crack, High Rock lager, Strong Back stout, Triple B malt and the newest, Sands Passion Radler.
When the company opened its flagship retail store in Grand Bahama, Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits, it was primarily designed to bring those brands to its customers and help promote sales. This proved to be another asset for this growing company. Jimmy’s carries one of the largest inventories of wines and spirits in the country.
Eye-Opening Aquaponics Discovery Experience for GB Summer Campers
Twenty-one young people were part of an Aquaponics Summer Discovery Programme held recently at Sir Jack Hayward High School, where they were introduced to new advances in agricultural science and technology. The students learned about aspects of farm operations and engaging in best practices in aquaponics from experts and trained professionals.

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the Hon. Michael Pintard, on Friday, August 16, encouraged the summer campers to become a part of the agricultural industry where they could become self-employed, stating: “we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that agriculture and marine resources hold opportunities for decent work for decent pay, as well as ownership.
Social Services Minister Commends Programmes for Focus on Urban Communities
Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell, commended the executives of three urban programmes that operate year-round life and social skills enhancement programmes that cater to residents of the urban communities of New Providence for having the foresight to pool their human and other resources in order to effect positive change within those communities.
Minister Campbell Challenges to Men/Men’s Groups to Serve as Father Figures
CIBC FirstCaribbean placed a special group of young Bahamians on “ice” this summer.
Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell, told executives of a visiting group of male organizations that one of the best ways they can partner with the Ministry to ensure equity and equality for women, and the protection of women across The Bahamas, is if they continue to provide positive influences/programmes geared towards the nation's young men.
“There is a saying: ‘Bend the tree while it is young.’ Another is that ‘it is easier to build a boy, than repair a man.’ Both of those are very wise sayings that would be useless clichés if we do not put them into action," Minister Campbell said.
GBPA Summer Employment Program Empowers GBI Youth
The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has conducted an ongoing summer student employment program for many years which provides Grand Bahamian high school and university students with the opportunity to experience real, hands-on work within the corporate world. GBPA began this program with the intent to create a structured environment where young people are able to learn valuable information from top business professionals. The program, which commenced in May and ends in August of each year, includes three, four-week long sessions; ensuring that GBPA includes the highest number of participants possible.

PM Visits First Recipients of the Government’s Free Education Programme at UB

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis visited the campus of The University of The Bahamas (UB) to get first-hand knowledge from students taking advantage of the Government’s financial initiative for free tertiary education.

The initiative kicked in on Monday, August 19, 2019, the first day of classes. The Prime Minister accompanied by Dr. Rodney Smith, President of UB, toured several areas where students spoke about their enrollment experience and their area of study.

Bahamas Waterkeepers Welcomes Chinese Counterparts for Cultural Exchange

For millennia, all of earth’s living things have depended on water for its survival. Up to 71 percent of the world’s surface is covered in water, it exists in the air, in the soil and even in the human body which is up to 60% water. According to research, however, only 3 percent of the earth’s water supply is drinkable which makes water conservation all the more important.
Already known across the country for its efforts to protect and improve local water systems, Waterkeepers® Bahamas, is part of a global organization dedicated to ensuring that the world’s water supply is protected. As part of its efforts, the group has formed countless partnerships with environmental groups both locally and abroad. Most recently, those partnerships resulted in a multicultural exchange between 
Bahamian students and their counterparts in China.

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