Friday, June 14, 2019

Ultimate Guide to Packing the Right Shoes for Your Next Summer Vacation

Get ready to pack three pairs of shoes for your summer vacation. No more, no less.

Yes, packing only three pairs of shoes for an entire vacation can indeed be done. And we’re going to prove to you that, regardless of the type of vacation you’re about to go on, you will only need three pairs of comfy, stylish, and incredibly versatile shoes to see you through. Trust us on this!

A relaxing holiday

Don’t wait until you get to the resort to relax – start your relaxation from as early as the packing stage, by opting for three stress-free shoe options.

Flip flops should be the first pair of shoes you pack if your vacation involves a beach or pool. These are a great option, especially as this sandal takes up a miniscule amount of room. Consider swapping these out for woven espadrilles if you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking along the sand, as they will support your feet far better.

Slightly dressy yet comfortable sandals (as long as they’re smarter than your beach flip flops, they get a big thumbs up!) should also be packed for sightseeing, shopping, and going out for dinner. Ensure you pick a pair that comes in neutral colours, so that they go with all of your outfits.

Of course, wedges should be your third and final option for the dressiest of vacation plans. Leave the heels at home, because your relaxing holiday doesn’t call for sore feet from stilettos.

Active holidays

If you’re jetting off for a more active and outdoorsy vacation, then flip flops and wedges aren’t going to cut it. However, the same rule of three still applies here. Activities such as hiking call for sensible, comfortable, and even weatherproof shoes that will protect you from variable surfaces and weather conditions.

Hiking boots are naturally the first piece of footwear you will need to pack if your vacation involves a lot of trekking. We recommend packing a pair you already own and are comfortable with; if this is your first active vacation, we suggest practicing walking on different surfaces to break your new hiking boots in. And don’t forget the right socks, either!

Secondly, a less technical but super-comfortable pair of sneakers should be packed for all non-hiking based activities. Long walks, sightseeing, even hitting the hotel gym; you name it, you’ll need your supportive sneakers for it!

Thirdly, we recommend a very comfortable pair of sandals, which is especially important for hotter climates. Consider wearing these sandals to some of the aforementioned activities such as walking and sightseeing if the weather is too warm for socks and closed shoes.

‘Anything goes’ holidays

If your vacation activities are a mix of leisurely walks, brisk hikes, and relaxed sunbathing sessions, then your footwear should reflect this. Consider packing a variety of shoes to accommodate your needs accordingly. Again, this can still be done with just three pairs. No cheating!

Slide-on sneakers are great for summer vacations; not only can they be worn for sporting activities, but they also look great with dresses and skirts. So long as you aren’t going on an intense hiking trail, leave the hiking boots at home and trust your sneakers to see you through. Slide-on sneakers in versatile colors are our top choice for city breaks, too!  

Closed-toe pumps are another excellent shoe choice, as they can be dressed up or down with ease. No need to pack high heels, as a smart pair of flats in a neutral yet summery color will complement both skinny jeans and dresses perfectly.

Sandals – the comfier the better – should be your third and final pair of shoes. Sandals are particularly important for hot climates, so avoid sweating in socks and go for the comfiest pair of open toed shoes you can find. They will see you through all your walking and sightseeing activities without any problems, while your closed flats will save the day if you find yourself in need of something smarter.

While packing just three pairs of shoes may feel impossible to some, these ideas show that it can (and should!) be done no matter where you go this summer. From the beach to the mountain, you can pack light and still stay chic.