Thursday, May 16, 2019

Beyond Beaches: The True Beauty of The Bahamas & Its People

The people of the Bahamas are what truly make the popular destination so uniquely magnetic.

Bahamian man breaks fresh raw coconut with sharp machete while smoking cigar outdoors.

By Jessica Bennett

I’ve been blessed to visit a gorgeous island or two in my day, which has left me with very distinct impressions of the local culture. The tantalizing allure of the Jamaican sun inspires sensual adventures while the soft sands of Barbados sweetly disarm you of whatever stress you foolishly brought along on your trip.

My first time in the Bahamas was no different; I immediately realized the people of Nassau, my home for four glorious days, make the popular destination so uniquely magnetic. There are beautiful beaches, amazing food and breathtaking sunsets throughout the Caribbean and South America, but the warmth and energy of Bahamians are unmatched.  Read more >>