Monday, April 29, 2019

Tracking Down Sharks In The Bahamas

Researchers of Beneath the Waves take a breather after successfully tagging a shark in Bahamian waters. The tag the shark has on will provide useful information to where it goes, helping scientists further protect it. SAMI KATTAN

By Melissa Cristina Márquez

“This is a tracking system that uses acoustic tags on the animals, and acoustic receiver stations established sub-surface around their habitats. The tags intermittently transmit a coded acoustic signal, and when the animal is within acoustic range of the receiver, this signal is decoded and logged with a time and date.  The receiver networks are periodically downloaded and from this we can reconstruct the sharks’ movements over time,” said Steven Kessel, Director of Marine Research at the Shedd Aquarium (USA), who is collaborating with Beneath the Waves.  Read more >>