Friday, April 19, 2019

The perfect Bahamas wedding? It starts with turtles

By Deborah Brunswick and Craig Waxman

Eleuthera, Bahamas (CNN) — Mask sealed, fins up, snorkel in place. There's an art to catching green sea turtles, and you've got to be in position, gear adjusted, ready to go.

Newly minted tracker David Cerna is perched on the bow of a flat-bottomed motor boat, eyes trained on the turtle all of the boat's occupants are watching, arms extended, index fingers pointing to keep it in sight and help the marine biologist at the tiller follow its movements.

When the moment is right, Cerna slides off the bow into shallow water with an awkward splash and emerges with a sizable turtle, flippers flapping.

Cheers erupt from the boat. Success!