Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Why Harbour Island is the Ultimate OG Fashion Destination

The stylish-minded have long-flocked to this Bahamian island for good reason...

By Kerry Pieri

Harbour Island, northwest of Eleuthera Island, is well-known for its pink sand beaches, its Insta-friendly "Lone Tree," swimming pigs, golf cart transportation, and the stylish set that flock there when the going gets tough so the tough get going—straight out of NYC in the winter.

So what has made this charming beach town with its cotton candy-colored homes the spot that has long-attracted fashion's elite like designers Diane von Furstenberg and interiors guru India Hicks? We're sure those aqua waters hold many secrets, but luckily people who love Harbour Island are willing to spill why—and where to go when you get there.  Read more >>