Thursday, March 14, 2019

Humility, Love, Pride, & the Nagging Good Wife

Barrington H. Brennen, MA, NCP, BCCP
A perspective on the real reasons couples stay together or divorce.

By Barrington H. Brennen

In this article, I am sharing some things that I’ve discovered after working with thousands of couples in marital therapy sessions and from seminars conducted over twenty-four years.  They are fascinating, profound, but bitter-sweet discoveries.  I want all married individuals, and those who are planning to get married, to sit up, fasten their seatbelts and read with an open mind.

 Humility: The Number One Reason Relationships Last

Here is my first discovery.   I’ve discovered that the Number One ingredient for keeping a marriage or any other romantic relationship healthy is humility.   Yes, I said humility.   I did not hear or read about this word in marital therapy when I did my training in counseling psychology over 24 years ago.  Now, there is a plethora of literature on the topic.   Before you get upset with me, let me define humility.   Humility is the attitude, ability, and freedom to admit wrong, apologize, change, adapt, forgive and receive forgiveness, listen to objective criticism, and respect the rights of the other person to have a view, no matter what it is.  It is demonstrating a teachable spirit.  Read more >>