Thursday, November 22, 2018

Visiting Fulbright Scholar Conducts Training at BTVI

VISITING FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR - Interim Dean of Business at Saint Leo University in Florida, Dr. Charles Hale is facilitating online learning training at the Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute (BTVI) in New Providence and Grand Bahama. He recently paid a courtesy call on Minister of Education, the Honourable Jeffrey Lloyd. Shown from left to right are Ministry of Education’s Scholarship Administrator, Chilean Burrows; Minister Lloyd, Dr. Hale; BTVI’s President, Dr. Robert W. Robertson and United States Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer, Penny Rechkemmer.
Photo: BTVI

Minister of Education, the Honourable Jeffrey Lloyd, applauded the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) for its move to facilitate online learning training by a Fulbright Scholar.

Interim Dean of Business at Saint Leo University in Florida, Dr. Charles Hale, who is facilitating the training at BTVI in New Providence and Grand Bahama,  recently paid a courtesy call on Minister Lloyd. Dr. Hale was accompanied by BTVI’s President, Dr. Robert W. Robertson and the United States Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer Penny Rechkemmer. The US Department of State is sponsoring Dr. Hale’s two week visit.

“We have such a phenomenal dearth of training opportunities,” said Minister Lloyd.

“One of the most critical needs in education is that of professional development. We are very deficient in that area. Therefore, I am grateful to BTVI and the US Embassy for faciliting this visit,” he added.

Dr. Hale’s presentations will also address fundamental skills required in today’s economy, organizational development and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, he noted that online learning is fast becoming a choice for younger generations.

“The millenials are moving in the direction of online learning. We have to adapt to them,” said Dr. Hale.

Dr. Robertson noted that a tangible product will result from the visit as the 200-page workbook for the training will be bound and distributed to BTVI faculty.

Ms. Rechkemmer noted that the US Embassy looks forward to building such partnerships.

“These are the types of expertise needed to help build capacity in terms of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics),” said Ms. Rechkemmer.

Dr. Hale is also scheduled to speak to students; to date, he has made presentations to several classes including Office Procedures, Customer Service and Introduction to Computers, addressing several topics including Providing Excellent Customer Service, Competency and Technology in Business.

Following the courtesy call, Dr. Robertson said it is an honour to have Dr. Hale faciliating training at BTVI. Dr. Hale has extensive experience in online education having taught online, developed courses for online and managed online programs, and is currently completing a book related to online learning.

“Dr. Hale has been in higher education for 32 years and brings with him knowledge that will be imparted not only to faculty, but students as well. At BTVI, we envision being known for preparing our students for the world of work in a competitively global environment and a part of that is for graduates to be technologically sound. We live in a time when technology affects nearly every sector, whether you wish to be a mechanic or an administrative assistant,” said Dr. Robertson.

“Dr. Hale will also help deconstruct any stereotypes that may still exist regarding online learning. The reality is someone who received his or her pedagogical training even just 10 years ago, must be prepared to move with the times. Almost every major college and university worldwide offers online courses and many offer degrees online. As a technical school, we too are preparing to embrace the rapidly growing trend of online learning,” he said.