Monday, October 1, 2018

The Caribbean Boutique Hotel Awards 2018

There’s something very special about a boutique hotel. It’s not just the size — it’s the connection between hotelier and guest, the intimacy of the design, the way it becomes more than just a hotel – it becomes a work of art.

Boutique hotels have a way of transcending the business of hospitality; done right, they are a creative expression of their owners, teeming with the kind of personality and soul that you will seldom find at a large resort.

And when it comes to boutique hotels in the Caribbean, it’s another level. There are a staggering number of small hotel properties across the region, from beachside retreats to hillside outposts to urban art hotels. It is an impressive collection of hotels that is only getting better.

With our first-ever Caribbean Boutique Hotel Awards, we want to celebrate the best of the Caribbean’s small hotels, the unforgettable properties that are some of the most authentic, warm and fascinating places to stay anywhere on earth.  Read more >>