Monday, July 2, 2018

British Council accused of censorship over Bahamas exhibition

Council removed its logo from the show’s catalogue, saying its material was too political

 John Beadle’s ‘Cuffed: held in check’ in the Difficult Conversations exhibition. Photograph: Dante Carrer

The cultural diplomacy arm of the Foreign Office has become embroiled in controversy in the Bahamas where it has been accused of censorship and causing further damage to relations already strained by the Windrush scandal.

The British Council was served with an unprecedented rebuke by the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB), its partner in a major exhibition this year, which said the council had caused “distress and disappointment” after distancing itself from an accompanying catalogue over unstated concerns about its “political” content.

Artists and collaborators in the project have gone further, voicing allegations of censorship and saying they were left feeling “stunned and angry” while the gallery described it as a lost opportunity to foster goodwill in the wake of the Windrush revelations.  Read more >>