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242NewsBahamas - Trouble in Paradise: Tourism Industry Faced with Reality of Safety Standards (Weekly Highlights)

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 Trouble in Paradise: Tourism Industry Faced with 
Reality of Safety Standards.

Dear Readers,

Over the weekend, the Bahamas experienced a major tragedy, which claimed the life of an American woman, and injured several more. I imagine we were all shocked and saddened by the news of the boat explosion near Exuma; and as a country we mourn right along with the family and friends of Maleka Jackson. Now, according to reports Maleka and her husband were visiting our beautiful country to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary when disaster struck. From the entire editorial team here at 242 News, we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to all those impacted; both our visitors, as well as the Bahamians who were also on board the vessel. We pray for a speedy recovery for those injured, and peace of mind for their families as well.

Like most people, I have been glued to the news coverage of the incident - both local and international, and it got me thinking about a few things; one of which being the potential impact of such a tragic event on our country's tourism product.

As a nation which, for better or worse, depends heavily on the tourism dollar, I believe it goes without saying that there is a certain level of damage control that comes along with managing the news of any kind of incident within our borders. We really must commend the men and women who flew into action to immediately assist those onboard that vessel. I'd also like to recognize the work of port investigators who are working to get to the bottom of what caused the explosion in the first place.

While it's usually best to leave the actual crisis management to the professionals, I wholeheartedly believe that tourism is everyone's business and therefore we can all play a role in ensuring that our tourism product does not suffer unnecessarily. 

No matter who you are or where you go, and usually not through the fault of anyone specifically, accidents can happen but it's how we deal with the aftermath that really make the difference. In speaking to visitors to our shores, it's important to remind them that we take their safety as seriously as we take our own. Cases like this one can make visitors fearful and timid, and while we encourage an abundance of caution we also want to help assuage any fears that they may have. 

Incidents like this also provide tourism stakeholders, which include tour operators and providers and other industry professionals, the opportunity to improve industry standards. Is your equipment up to do date? Is it safe? Are you meeting international and regional standards? Now is the time to make sure. While I do not encourage waiting for something bad to happen before we fix certain things, such tragedies can be a catalyst for change and a way for us to make the customer experience safer!

Last week we encouraged our readers to explore the Bahamas...this week we encourage you to do all you can as a citizen, and a resident and do everything you can protect it too. Tourism is everyone's business. Let's do all that we can to make sure we're protecting our golden goose; now and in the future.

PM Urges Bahamian students to take advantage of opportunities at home
Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis' first order of business after he touched down at the Donald Sangster International Airport for The Thirty-Ninth Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, was to meet with Bahamian students studying at the University of the West Indies and Northern Caribbean University. Read More
From The Office of The Leader of The Opposition On Announced Cabinet Changes
The changes in portfolio allocations announced by the Prime Minister amount to nothing more than political musical chairs. It accomplishes nothing of substance and is merely shuffling the deck of bad cards.
One year into the Government, the Prime Minister's moves condemn his own government for incompetence and ineffectiveness. Read More
Government launches its Technology Summer Program in Grand Bahama
The much-talked-about Information and Communications Technology Summer Program was officially launched on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, 2018 at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) in Grand Bahama.Students were joined by parents in a crowded auditorium, while Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Kwasi Thompson excitedly touted the program that will give young Bahamians an opportunity for free education in an industry that is quickly expanding in Grand Bahama. Read More
Palm Cay invests $2M in new amenities
Membership at an upscale, nautical community nestled along the southeastern coast of New Providence has swelled in the wake of a nearly $2million upgrade, completely refreshing Palm Cay and its suite of amenities.The fast-growing community that employs some 100 Bahamians during its peak season is reaping the benefits of an intense six-month expansion.  Read More
Prime Minister discusses Budget with Exuma residents
Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis continued his trek across the islands to discuss with residents the 2018/19 National Budget and the Value Added Tax increase to 12 percent. A Town Hall Meeting was held at St. Andrew's Community Centre overlooking Elizabeth Harbour, where scores of residents turned up on Wednesday, June 27, to hear of the provisions aimed towards making life better. Exuma is one of the fastest growing economies in The Bahamas. Read More
45th Independence Activities Officially Begin
 Dr. the Hon. Duane Sands declared "Let the Celebrations Begin - March on Bahamaland," as he officially launched activities in Parliament Square, Friday, June 29, to mark the country's 45th anniversary as an independent and sovereign nation.
In his remarks, Dr. Sands, who represented Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister, urged the public to attend and participate in the week of activities planned in recognition of this year's anniversary. Read More
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Preparations Begin for 5th Annual Bahamas Bowl 
The Bahamas Bowl and ESPN Events, along with Bahamian government officials, the Mid-American Conference and the Atlantis resort, kicked off preparations for the fifth-annual bowl game with a press conference at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium. The stadium once again will be the site of the contest on Friday, Dec. 21, 2018 between Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference. The game at 12:30 pm ET will be televised by ESPN for the fifth-consecutive year. Read More
Bud Bahamian Winner Front and Center at FIFA World Cup
Football (soccer) enthusiasts from around the world have been glued to their screens as the FIFA World Cup action heats up in Russia. Heralded globally as the most prestigious association tournament in the world, the FIFA World Cup has, and continues to attract millions of viewers surpassing even the Olympic Games. Read More
Bahamas Feeding Network Hosts First Steak-Out
On July 7, the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) hopes to pull off a Herculean feat - selling all 3,200 tickets at its first ever steak-out slated for the pre-Independence weekend from noon to 6pm at Moseff House, the BFN's headquarters in Fox Hill, next to the Fox Hill Police Station. Read More
Junior Councilors Learn Community Leadership Through Local Government's Programme
Junior Councilors from 15 Local Government districts were congratulated for their participation in the Ministry of Transport and Local Government's Junior Councilor Programme. During a closing out ceremony for its most recent graduates at SuperClubs Breezes on Thursday, Minister of Transport and Local Government, the Hon. Frankie Campbell commended the students for their hard work and commitment. Read More
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  • July 6th, 2018
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