Monday, June 18, 2018

Shakespeare in Paradise - Short Tales Selected!

The Plays

Music Box - Anjellina Alexander
Uvunjaji: The Betrayal - Selina J. M. Archer 
The Therapist - J. Ben-Hepburn and Patrice Francis
Gatekeeper - Nicolette Bethel
DJ Coconut - Patrice Francis 
Murphy's Storm - Inderia Reeba Green
No Good Men - Stephen Hanna 
The Lies We Tell Our Amygdala - Myra McPhee
Turkey and Ham - Heather Thompson
A Hypnocratic Roast - Anthony W. Wallas

The Process

Short Tales received twenty-two submissions from nineteen different authors.

Two of the members of Ringplay's executive submitted scripts of their own.

The plays were forwarded anonymously to a panel of judges who read them before each making a selection. Neither Ringplay author sat on this committee.

This process produced a long list of thirteen plays which we had to whittle down to the final ten. This was done by ranking the plays in order of preference.

The ten plays will be grouped into two acts separated by an intermission. What falls in the first or the second act will be determined during the production process.

We're excited! We hope you are too!