Monday, June 4, 2018

Fay Knowles - New Cover Reveal for Romantic Suspense Love at Sunset!


Hello Everyone!
I am delighted to reveal the exciting new cover for my romantic suspense novel “Love at Sunset”. Many thanks to my good friend, bestselling author Tanya R. Taylor for the cover design. Tanya also designed the original cover, which was lovely, but we decided we needed to portray the main protagonists Violet and Gordon more as the go-getters and jet-setters that they are!

"Facing imminent danger and fierce opposition to love a second time around, Violet and Gordon seek a new life in Scotland, thousands of miles away from The Bahamas, but trouble soon catches up with them. The couple finds themselves in and out of one adventure after another!"

Tanya R. Taylor is the author of several #1 bestsellers on Amazon. She is also a seasoned ghostwriter. For ghostwriting information visit Tanya’s Ghostwriting or email Tanya at And view her thrilling and heart-stirring books at Tanya’s Books

While writing, I thought I would give you a heads up about my upcoming WRITER’S GUIDE! It should be published in the next month or two. I will email again when it’s available.

This writer’s guide is especially geared towards those who have always wanted to be a successful writer, but seasoned writers might find it of help too. I’m hoping that it will give those of you who love to write not only a little bit more knowledge, but also some inspiration!

Best wishes,

Fay Knowles
Cable Beach
Nassau, Bahamas

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