Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fragments of an Ecosystem: A conservation documentary

"Fragments of an Ecosystem"
A community project to effect change and inspire conservation
Your support of this Seed & Spark Campaign will help bring environmental education to Abaco, and raise awareness of life changing community conservation projects in Haiti, while supporting Haitian filmmakers and artists.
Haiti conservation project
FRIENDS is partnering with Conch Salad TV to help share this campaign because the impacts of this work are far-reaching and have relevance for our own fisheries and conservation projects. In fact, the research that inspired this project was started in Abaco!

You can help too!
  • If FRIENDS can get 100 followers for this campaign, researcher Jake Allgeier (University of Michigan) will come to Abaco and give a classroom presentation about the project to a local school. He and Conchsalad TV will also film a special message with the students to be used in promoting the documentary. Visit this page and hit follow to learn more!
  • If FRIENDS can help generate $1000 or more in donation support for the campaign, we will be included as an executive producer, and our name and logo will be featured at the beginning of the video - getting us some highly valued promotion! We will also be able to host an exclusive screening of the film. Visit this page and choose one of the cool donation incentives being offered! Don't forget to mention FRIENDS!
Haiti project
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