Tuesday, December 19, 2017

FRIENDS 12 Days of Christmas Day 6

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Friends of the Environment's 
12 Days of Christmas
Day 6
Frank Kenyon Centre for Research, Education, and Conservation: Our biggest accomplishment to date and another busy year! 

"I believe that educating young Bahamians and visitors alike is FRIENDS' most important mission, and one they succeed at daily."  -Frank Kenyon
Since the Kenyon Centre opened in April 2015 we have had:

53 visiting institutions!!
Oriol Lapiedra, a herpetologist from Harvard, has been working out of the Kenyon Centre for the past few summers. This year, his schedule matched up well with some of our after school programs and he was able to offer some hands-on lessons to both Discovery Club and Island Investigators! And it just so happened the Discovery Clubbers were earning their Herpetology Badge at the time of Oriol's visit! This is the kind of partnership we envisioned when building the Kenyon Centre and it is so rewarding to create these opportunities for local students!

Over 27 research projects
Local student Taryn Carroll releases a green sea turtle after assisting returning FIU researcher Beth Whitman, measure, weigh and tag the animal. 

Over 400 individuals tour the centre and solar array
St. Andrews School from Nassau enjoyed a day visit to tour the FRIENDS facility.
Other Exciting Kenyon Centre News
bush medicine garden
Thanks to the support of some generous donors who attended the 2016 Reef Balls we now have three educational gardens: a Bush Medicine Garden, a Pollinating Garden, and an Edible Orchard. 


Solar Energy Awareness

 Now visitors to the Kenyon Centre can watch first hand as we produce energy on our solar array! This monitor shows the amount of energy we are producing and consuming, and tracks our energy use over time.
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