Saturday, December 2, 2017

BTVI Partners Help Build New Media Tech Program

Standing left to right: Commonwealth Brewery Limited Corporate Relations Director, Dennis Hanna; BTVI instructor, Leonard Adderley; BTVI Chair of Electronics and Media Technology, Delano Archer; BTVI Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Leroy Sumner and Cable Bahamas Technical Manager, Valdez Ferguson. Sitting left to right: Commonwealth Brewery Limited Managing Director, Hans Neven; BTVI Chairman, Kevin Basden; Cable Bahamas Media Operations Manager, Alexia Coakley and BTVI President, Robert W. Robertson. Photo: Shantique Longley

Commonwealth Brewery Limited and Cable Bahamas Limited have partnered with the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) to further develop its new Media Technology program.
The program, which began this fall, provides students with the skills needed to obtain careers in radio production, tv production, camera operation, radio control room procedures and other related occupations.

Despite this being a new program, Commonwealth Brewery Limited Corporate Relations Director, Dennis Hanna, said that partnering with BTVI for this venture was a simple decision based on BTVI’s reputation. Hence, the company has donated $5,000.00 to assist with constructing a radio tower for students to use while enrolled in the program.

“We have staff at the brewery who graduated from BTVI and perform well, so we know that the history BTVI has is great. It was a natural progression for us to support this new program,” said Mr. Hanna.

Meanwhile, Commonwealth Brewery Limited Managing Director, Hans Neven expressed the company’s enthusiasm in subsidizing the program, and investing in technical and professional development; thereby further contributing to the country.

“We make this donation today because we admire the innovation articulated at BTVI, and we will be a part of it for the long haul,” said Neven, “we know that this partnership will harness the potential of participants of the media program, creating nation builders and leaders to come,” he continued.

Cable Bahamas Media Operations Manager, Alexia Coakley also expressed the company’s eagerness to assist in training young talent they ultimately hope to employ, especially in the technological field. As such, the company has agreed to allow BTVI students to use its studios as labs to better understand how the real world of media operates. They also intend to lend their expertise to the institution in advancing the program.

“Often, it’s not until you walk into a studio environment and you’re able to actually touch and feel the technology, that you really get to fall in love with the craft,” said Ms. Coakley, “if we can provide that opportunity of exposure to students here, it may ignite greatness in them,” she continued.

“Our end goal is to be able to help produce students who we can employ. Ultimately, we would love to be able to boast that we trained our employees,” stated Ms. Coakley.

BTVI Chairman, Kevin Basden thanked the donors and expressed how their partnership with the institution will touch lives. He looks forward to continued assistance from partners, not just in the form of donations, but assistance that will aid in molding them into skilled professionals.

Meanwhile, BTVI's president, Dr. Robert W. Robertson expressed gratitude for the partnership, stating that it is indicative of both Commonwealth Brewery and Cable Bahamas' confidence in the institution's product.

"The commitment and support of Commonwealth Brewery and Cable Bahamas allow our students to link theory to practice as they complete their studies. Further, it will eventually assist graduates of the program to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding media field," said Dr. Robertson.

"Additionally, this partnership will certainly yield job opportunities for our graduates, so we look forward to expanding our relationship with both companies and other community partners as we help students discover the possibilities," he added.