Sunday, August 2, 2015

Twelfth Night's looking for a few good men!

 SiP 2015 Auditions 


 Twelfth Night 

 by William Shakespeare
 directed by Patti-Anne Ali 


Casting for Twelfth Night is off to a great start and we are nearly there.  The following roles are still open.   
The present Governor of Eleuthera. Besotted with Olivia, daughter of the previous Governor, his love is unrequited. Handsome, charming, poetic, an aura of authority, obsessed with his emotions, more so than with the object of them, but he doesn’t realise it. Very aware of how he feels, but not about who he is and why he feels them. His heart says: ‘how do I feel now, how do I feel now, how do I feel now’.

Orsino’s Audition Piece

Viola’s twin brother who has survived the shipwreck due to Antonia, the older female pirate captain, who has also befriended him. He is mistaken for Cesario when he meets Olivia and Olivia entreats him into an immediate marriage. What kind of man solicits such instantaneous passion in a woman, inspiring one to risk her life to save him and the other to want to marry him? A dynamic presence, particularly attractive to women. Careful not to cross the unattractive line of ‘the kept man’ but dangerously close to it. An actor able to maintain a skilful balance somewhere in the middle. His heart says ‘Come closer female heart…’

Sebastian’s Audition Piece

Very much the man of the house in the sense that he is Olivia’s head steward, Malvolio is a delicious paradox of Puritanical actions and lustful thinking. Representing the Puritanical way of life in the original script, we have made Malvolio an actual Puritan living in Eleuthera in 1650. Malvolio wages war with Sir Toby and his gang from the beginning, condemning their behaviour which includes Sir Toby’s drinking and their revelling. He lusts after Olivia and falls victim to a terrible trick played on him by Sir Toby and his gang. The victimisation of Malvolio is extreme in its verbal and emotional cruelty, striking an unexpected chord in the comedy. It is essential that the actor be open to exploring this complex character and committing to wherever the journey authentically takes him. His heart says ‘I secretly desire what I outwardly condemn, and it is a constant struggle, but let no one know this, only my way, is the right way.’

Malvolio’s Audition Piece

These actors are an essential part of this ensemble and must have a desire to explore each of these different characters fully and embody each one as needed.

First Officer/Valentine:
A fit actor, able to convey military presence when playing the soldier and also able to play Valentine, Orsino’s head steward. Valentine, serves his master with loyalty.

Audition Piece

Second Officer/Priest:
The Priest strikes a note of authority and his clerical presence must be credible. An actor able to do this, as well as play a fit military man when needed.

Audition Piece

Third Officer/Captain:
Captain who aids Viola in her escape from the shipwreck and tells her about Governor Orsino and Olivia. A kindly sea-dog, fatherly and strong. Able to also play an older Soldier.

Audition Piece

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