Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Abaco’s Guava Farm

Dennis Lightbourn next to one of his guava trees

Written by: Jennifer Hudson

On the shelves now in Abaco Groceries, Abaco Treasures and Golden Harvest (Treasure Cay) are jars of delicious guava jam with eye catching labels announcing the name ‘Abaconian Guava Jam’.

“This jam is truly Abaco style guava jam,” says Dennis Lightbourn, owner of Poinciana Farms Limited, producer of the jam. “Different countries produce different styles and consistencies but ours is truly unique to Abaco. We experimented for some time to get it to a consistency we really liked and are very pleased with this product. Eventually our main market will be Nassau and we expect to have the jam in stores there by next year,” he added.