Saturday, May 9, 2015

KNOWLEDGE NIGHT #2: The HIV Myth Exposed

On Sunday May 24th, 2015, Grand Bahama will once again hear from Mr. Jamal Moncur, Herbalist, Botanist, Nutritionist and Author. Last year in Grand Bahama, Mr. Moncur addressed a pack room about ‘The Conspiracy of What is Killing You’. His focus this time, ‘The HIV Myth Exposed’.

Let’s face it, HIV is a taboo subject with a stigma attached. The objective of Mr. Moncur’s HIV seminar is to expose the myth that many people believe is true regarding how HIV is transmitted as well as how persons can receive false positive results, which is a staggering number.  Mr. Moncur noted, ‘We definitely do not want to come off as Conspiracy Theorists, but rather allow the viewer to witness the facts via a 30-minute documentary created by scientists that expose the myth. People need to be educated and informed. Knowledge Night is imperative because the lesser known facts will be shared.’

Recognizing that knowledge is power, KNOWLEDGE NIGHT series 2 in Grand Bahama will be held at the Le Chateau on the Green at 3 pm on Sunday May 24th. Mr. Moncur and team will also address questions concerning health issues that impact our community.

A native of Cat Island and CEO and Founder of New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited; Moncur was mentored by renowned Herbalist Dr. Sebi. Mr. Moncur has traveled to many different countries researching herbs including Mexico and Central America rediscovering herbal remedies and premises that were lost through the annals of time.

For more information about KNOWLEDGE NIGHT you can contact New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food Limited at 352-LIFE (5433) or visit website at  

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