Sunday, January 10, 2021

From The Bahamas to Aruba, 7 Tiny Caribbean Hotels to Try

Firefly Sunset, Abaco, The Bahamas

Caribbean Journal

The travel industry has changed in more ways than we can count, but it’s also put that much more emphasis on the decision of where to stay. 

There’s so much more thought that goes into the choice of accommodation, and for some, the idea of a smaller, boutique stay is that much more appealing as an oasis from large crowds.  

And thankfully the Caribbean is filled with small hotels, the sort of places where personality is a priority, where the square footage is small but the hospitality is big. 

And then there are the really small hotels, the place that are beyond the boutique. 

The ones we’re talking about here are truly tiny, all of them with 13 rooms or less, meaning you’ll find the essence of the authentic Caribbean vacation. 

Here are seven of our favorite tiny hotels in the Caribbean, from The Bahamas to Aruba.  Read more >>