Friday, January 8, 2021

Bannister discusses possible challenges of offshore oil drilling

Min. of Works The Hon. Desmond Bannister

ZNS Bahamas

The supreme court ruling handed down earlier this week on the controversial issue of oil drilling was a defeat for environmentalists seeking to stop the drilling of oil in Bahamian waters.

It’s an issue the government agrees with and further ignites the conversation on sustaining the country’s vital environment.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works, the Hon. Desmond Bannister said royalties from any licenses should be publicly revealed, but the common denominator for the government is that there is no endorsement of offshore oil drilling anywhere in the Bahamas.

“You’ll have oil up on your beaches, all those snappers, and groupers and grunts that you like; you’re going to find them washing up on the shores dead."  Read more >>