Friday, December 18, 2020

What to Know About Serious Adverse Effects and Deaths in the Moderna Vaccine Data

There were 13 deaths, but none are considered related to the vaccine. Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images

Yasmin Tayag

On Thursday, a panel of medical experts met to discuss the Covid-19 produced by Moderna, with the goal of deciding whether to recommend emergency use approval of the vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Among the many topics they covered in the eight-hour live stream, they discussed deaths and serious adverse events documented in Moderna’s data.

This information was included in a briefing document published by the FDA ahead of Thursday’s meeting. As in Pfizer’s trial data, which showed that six people had died but that none of those deaths were related to the vaccine, the Moderna data also included some deaths. Thirteen people in Moderna’s 30,000-person trial died as of December 3. Seven of those people were in the placebo group and didn’t receive the vaccine, and six were in the group of people who got the vaccine. None of the deaths were deemed related to the vaccine treatment.

It’s worth noting, for context, that the deaths of over 307,000 Americans have been attributed, definitively, to Covid-19.  Read more >>