Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Caribbean Travel Awards 2021


 Caribbean Journal

That next trip. 

Maybe it’s for a holiday, maybe it’s for a family reunion, maybe it’s an annual tradition. 

That next trip, that vacation to plan for, to dream about; it’s one of the greatest antidotes to creeping monotony in our lives.  

Travel makes our lives interesting, it sustains us; it expands our horizons; it builds community; it deepens our souls.

And for a good portion of this year, all that was taken away. For many, it’s still the case. 

This year was a reminder of just how important traveling is for all of us. 

For the Caribbean, though, the travel industry isn’t just something to dream about — it’s the backbone of the entire economy — it is essential; it is indispensable. 

That’s why in early June, the Caribbean, which had already mounted an admirable offensive against the pandemic, began reopening its borders for tourism.  Read more >>