Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The 15 Best Caribbean Beach Bars for 2021

da’ Pink Chicken, Cat Island, The Bahamas

 By Caribbean Journal Staff

The right beach, the right chair, the right drink.

It may sound simple, but, like the greatest cocktails, you only need a few ingredients.

In a time when travel has been significantly disrupted, this is the kind of experience we all dream about: the tropical idyll — an afternoon at a Caribbean beach bar, the thing we all think about when we’re stuck at home, moored behind a desk, or surrounded by wintry air.

For those who are traveling right now, these beach bars are the perfect Caribbean venture: outdoors, socially-distanced, breezy.

For those who aren’t traveling, think of them as your to-do list for when the world returns to normal.

Either way, it’s worth celebrating these Caribbean institutions and the people who’ve worked to build them.

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