Friday, December 11, 2020

Simeon Hall: Virus Left Me Unable To Walk

Bishop Simeon Hall

Tribune Chief Reporter

BISHOP Simeon Hall said he learned first-hand that COVID-19 affects people who contract it in different ways, after the virus left him unable to walk for about a week.

And as he lay in a hospital bed alone and on his back unable to move, the well-known pastor, 73, said the thought of dying came at him fast.

This was compounded by the sober thought of dying without seeing his loved ones for a final time, the co-chair of the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana said.

“That was different,” Bishop Hall, pastor emeritus at New Covenant Baptist Church, recalled of his experience. “Literally I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk three, four days after I came out of the hospital.

“This was the scariest part of my experience because I am a hyperactive person. I am always moving but not to have the use of your limbs is frightening.

#“But beyond that the thought of death and dying comes to your mind when you contract COVID-19.”

Bishop Hall is a diabetic and told The Tribune yesterday he had taken all the proper steps to ensure he did not get COVID-19.

He said he took a test sometime in October. That initial test was negative, but two days later another test came back positive.  Read more >>