Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Royal Caribbean donates 5,000 turkeys to National Food Task Force

Bahamas Feeding Network Executive Director Philip Smith receives shipment of 5,000 turkeys donated by Royal Caribbean to the National Food Distribution Task Force which asked the Feeding Network to handle distribution throughout New Providence and Grand Bahama. Turkeys were shared with Bahamas Red Cross, Hands for Hunger and Lend A Hand in addition to all the areas that the Feeding Network supplies and Grand Bahama. (Photo by Cay Focus Photography for DP&A)

ZNS Bahamas

Royal Caribbean Group donated 5,000 turkeys to the National Food Distribution Task Force dressed with a message wishing every recipient happy and healthy holidays. “We are so grateful for this generous donation by Royal Caribbean,” said task force Chair Susan Larson. “These are challenging times and we want to touch as many homes as we can so donations like this make it possible for us to stretch our resources most effectively.”

The Bahamas Feeding Network, which moved its operations to a large warehouse when the COVID-19 pandemic began, is tasked with distribution of the 20-pound birds that arrived today. More than 1,000 will be shipped to Grand Bahama where many residents continue to deal with the aftermath of a double whammy, hit first by Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and six months later, by the economic freefall of the pandemic that drove tourism down and unemployment up.  Read more >>