Wednesday, December 16, 2020

One type of indoor area is especially high-risk for Covid-19 — Study

"You should wear a facemask even if you cannot see people around."

Sebastian Julian

Life often pushes people close together. But during a pandemic, social distancing can be a lifesaving tactic.

A now-infamous rule is the need to stay at least six-feet-apart from others — a CDC recommendation based on the idea most large droplets expelled by a cough or sneeze fall within six feet.

A new study suggests it may be vital to adjust that six-foot rule hyper-locally, depending on the shape of a space. Data indicates the six-feet-apart rule isn't far enough in a narrow, enclosed hallway.

The findings suggest places like narrow school hallways, enclosed airport boarding zones, and office corridors pose a higher risk when it comes to transmission.

Using computational simulations modeling airflow and viral droplet dispersion, the study team found moving people leave behind a floating bubble of virus-laden droplets or a trailing, virus-containing cloud.  Read more >>