Friday, December 18, 2020

‘Nygard Left And Won’T Come Back’: Commissioner Says Police Spoke To Billionaire But He Refused To Cooperate

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle

Tribune Staff Reporter

POLICE Commissioner Paul Rolle said yesterday that officers visited Peter Nygard’s home in Lyford Cay last year as a part of an investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him but found that he had already left the country.

Commissioner Rolle was speaking in the wake of news that Mr Nygard had been arrested in Canada and had been charged in New York. He said after the visit to Mr Nygard’s home, police subsequently contacted Mr Nygard to assist with their probe but he refused to return to The Bahamas.

The police chief spoke to reporters on the sidelines of an event yesterday after he was asked for an update on investigations into sexual abuse claims made against the Canadian fashion designer back in July 2019.

The Tribune exclusively reported last year that six women had made formal complaints to Bahamian police concerning Mr Nygard.

However, Commissioner Rolle said yesterday: “I know after Nygard left The Bahamas, we received about four complaints and we dispatched officers to his residence and on arrival, we informed that he had left and we met persons loading all of his belongings into shipping containers.

“We made contact with Nygard and he refused to return and surrender to The Bahamas and that’s the last of it so as far as we know, he’s never been interviewed by local police and all of our complaints that came in, came in after he left.”  Read more >>