Friday, December 18, 2020

Monolith discovered in Great Exuma

 A monolith on a beach in Great Exuma.

Emma Van Wynen
The Nassau Guardian

The chronicle of the mysterious monoliths was continued this Wednesday when one of the tall, metallic structures was discovered on Jolly Hall beach in Great Exuma.

Facebook user Dwight Hart posted a photo on his account of the monolith sitting pretty in the sand on Wednesday afternoon, caption reading: “Another strange monolith appearance… Jolly Hall Beach Great Exuma!! What in the world?!”

Hart said he was tipped off by an anonymous source to go out and investigate the appearance of the structure.

“Someone sent me a picture of it, so I went to check it out,” said Hart.

“It’s something from out of this world,” he said.

From out of this world or not, monoliths have been popping up across the globe over the last two months.  Read more >>