Sunday, December 27, 2020

In The Bahamas, Rediscovering Abaco by Boat


Alexander Britell, Guy Britton
Caribbean Journal

There’s no one on the beach at Matt Lowe’s Cay, just a row of dancing palm trees. 

The water is that unmistakable cerulean that you only find in the Sea of Abaco, a shade unique in The Bahamas, a destination with its own encyclopedia of blues. 

There’s too much of a chill to take the dinghy to the sand; but it doesn’t even matter.

All you need to do is look and feel the crisp air and admire the beauty of this place. 

This is the essence of The Bahamas: the water, the quiet, the natural environment, the endless rewards for making the journey. 

It’s the feeling of adventure — that, even just for a day, you’ve discovered this little cay just for yourself.  Read more >>