Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to the Bahamas Right Now, According to Someone Who Went

Here’s how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy on a trip to the Bahamas. Credit: Pola Damonte / Getty Images

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon 
Travel & Leisure

They say “it’s better in the Bahamas.” And after months cooped up at home, you may want to find out for yourself if the Caribbean destination lives up to the hype. (Spoiler: it does.) Spread over 100,000 square miles, the archipelago of 700 islands has been open since July 1. But entry procedures and COVID-19 protocols continue to change as infection numbers fluctuate, both locally and in the United States, so it’s wise to check the country’s official website for current entry regulations.

That was a crucial first step before my recent visit to Andros, an Out Island that’s a 20-minute flight from Nassau and just over an hour from Fort Lauderdale. At 2,300 square miles, the “Sleeping Giant” is the Bahamas’ largest yet least populated island, with only about 2,000 residents. It’s famous as the bone fishing capital of the Caribbean and for having the world’s third-largest barrier reef. But, for the COVID-conscious traveler, Andros’ miles of largely deserted, palm-fringed beaches and small hotels — like Caerula Mar Club, an 18-room, 4-villa resort delivering space and seclusion, along with sun, sea, and sand — make it even more appealing. Here are six useful tips for planning a Bahamian getaway in the midst of coronavirus.  Read more >>