Saturday, December 19, 2020

Doctors discovered a new coronavirus symptom that’s scary but rare

The COVID-19 coronavirus is shown in illustrated form. Image source: Mauro Rodrigues/Adobe

Andy Meek, BGR

According to the online magazine Knowridge Science Report, for example, a new study born out of research conducted by a team at Hofstra University in New York has discovered a “rare, sight-stealing” infection that may be linked to COVID-19.

The details: The genesis of this study was the fact that during a two-month time span, three COVID patients in a New York health system developed keratitis. That’s an inflammation of the cornea, which in turn caused an infection of the tissue or fluid in the eyeball known as endophthalmitis. Researchers decided to investigate because this is a rare condition — especially to have three cases in such a short time span, with all of them connected to COVID patients.

The consequences here were exceedingly serious. One of three patients died from COVID. Another lost all eyesight, and the third had to have an eye removed.  Read more >>