Tuesday, November 3, 2020

UB Students Sex Assaults Shock: Campus Survey Reveals One-In-Three Are Victim Of Some Form Of Rape


Tribune Senior Reporter

MORE than 35 percent of University of the Bahamas survey respondents experienced either statutory rape or sex without their consent, according to new research published in the International Journal of Bahamian Studies.

Nearly 19 percent of female respondents “had been raped due to” being younger than the age of consent, 16, at the time of their first sexual intercourse experience while nearly 17 percent of women were raped due to not giving consent when they were of age.

Among male respondents, nearly 24 percent experienced statutory rape while about 12 percent reported having sexual intercourse experiences without their consent when they were of age.

According to the study, 30 percent of the students surveyed believed people within a marriage cannot rape each other.

The research by Dr Nicolette Bethel, Chair of Social Sciences and William Fielding, Director of Planning at the university, attempts to expand the understanding of consent prior to sexual intercourse.

It included responses from 621 eligible people over the age of 18 who were registered at the university in the Fall of 2019.  Read more >>