Friday, November 20, 2020

Turnquest Denies Conspiracy Claim

From left: Fred Kaiser, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest and Captain Randy Butler.

Tribune Business Editor

The deputy prime minister on Thursday night branded claims that he “conspired” to defraud Sky Bahamas’ financier of almost $27m via sham loans as “categorically false”.

K Peter Turnquest hit back at allegations levied by two companies controlled by Fred Kaiser, a Canadian businessman with whom he previously enjoyed a long and close relationship, by saying he was “appalled” his name had been dragged into a dispute with another “former business partner”.

That business partner is Captain Randy Butler, chief executive of Sky Bahamas, which was forced to cease flying last year after the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority refused to renew the air operator certificate that was required to carry fee-paying passengers. Mr Turnquest, though, noted that he is not named as a defendant in Mr Kaiser’s statement of claim - only Captain Butler.

Implying that the dispute has nothing to do with him, Mr Turnquest said: “The Writ does not name me as a defendant but makes several allegations in its statement of claim that are categorically false.  Read more >>