Sunday, November 22, 2020

‘They just don’t care.’ Anger toward COVID-19 deniers mounts as pandemic hits crisis

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jan Bombeck, a retired librarian, basically put her life on hold in March - no lunching with friends, no visits to the gym, and no trips to the grocery store. She is angry at the country's lack of leadership. By Tammy Ljungblad

Lisa Gutierrez
The Kansas City Star

Since March, Laura McConnell has been living in the finished basement of her Kansas City home, away from her husband and stepson upstairs.

Her reason: Her husband thinks COVID-19 is fake news.

“I am married to someone who does not feel we should wear masks or social distance, or take any precautions. Very frustrating,” said McConnell, who sells school supplies for a living. “I understand. I’m sick of it too. I’m sick of wearing a mask. I want to go back to normal. But I think a lot of people are sick of it and are feeding off each other.”

Her mother has stronger words about such people, especially as Thanksgiving and the holiday season threaten to spike the infection rate even more.

“I am just incredibly, incredibly angry, because I feel like if we had taken this seriously from the beginning we would not be in this mess,” said Jan Bombeck, a retired school librarian in Overland Park who has not been inside a restaurant or grocery store since March. “And I feel like it’s an incredible failure of leadership in our country.”  Read more >>