Friday, November 6, 2020

Televangelist who blamed COVID-19 on premarital sex dies from virus

The reverend previously claimed the president was 'messing up' satan’s plan for creating a one world government.

Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr.

Ny Magee
The Grio

The Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr., who once blamed premarital sex for the COVID-19 pandemic, died this week after a weeklong battle with the virus. He was 75. 

Baxter Jr. was a prominent Trump-supporting Evangelical pastor who claimed the president was “messing up” Satan’s plan for creating a one world government. He often took aim at Trump’s critics, who he called “satanic.”

“Even Republicans have not been hated like this guy [Trump],” Baxter said last year on the Jim Bakker Show. “And it’s because he was against their one-world government and this hatred is deeply inhuman. It’s satanic. Satan hates it that Trump is messing up his plan. That’s what’s really going on.”  Read more >>