Thursday, November 12, 2020

Port: Breakwater Woes Threaten Harbour Crisis

This aerial photo from 2017 shows Nassau Harbour damage caused by breakwater breach.

Tribune Business Editor

Repairs to Nassau Harbour's "severely damaged" breakwaters are a national "imperative" that cannot be delayed due to the "significant threat" posed to tourism, cruise and commercial shipping.

Arawak Port Development Company (APD), in a stark warning contained in its just-released 2020 annual report, said existing breaches in both breakwaters - one up to 350 feet long - were already impacting its ability to service vessels at the Nassau Container Port as well as the piloting of cruise ships pre-COVID-19.

Targeting a problem that was first flagged three years ago, but about which seemingly nothing has been done, APD said it had formed an alliance with the Nassau Harbour Pilots Association (NHPA) in a bid to source financing and construction services to address the breaches prior to a Hurricane Dorian-style storm hitting Nassau.

The BISX-listed commercial port operator said it had hired two US-based companies to provide proposals for repairing the breakwaters, which guard the entrances to both Nassau Harbour and Arawak Cay, and had received a three-phase road map setting out how this could be achieved.  Read more >>