Saturday, November 14, 2020

New study shows Bimini dolphins use waters around BPC exploratory drill site


ZNS Bahamas

Bahamas Petroleum Company’s Environmental Impact Assessment states, “In completing the impact assessment, relevant uncertainties and gaps identified are primarily related to lack of primary baseline data for wildlife”. These “uncertainties” and “gaps” mean that BPC cannot predict what impacts their drilling for oil will have on Bahamian marine life, including dolphins and whales, without baseline data collected prior to any drilling activity.

A study published yesterday in the scientific journal, Aquatic Mammals, highlights just how little is known about the significance of the proposed exploratory drill location to dolphins that are part of a $1 million business in Bimini. Dr Charlotte Dunn, a Senior Scientist at the Abaco-based Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO), is lead author. Dr Dunn says “The key message from our study is that BPC’s exploratory drill area may be of significant importance to Bimini’s dolphins. Until now, no-one knew that Bimini dolphins used waters that far south, highlighting how little is known about wildlife in this remote location and the need for BPC to carry out dedicated marine mammal surveys prior to any drilling to fill these critical gaps in their EIA.”  Read more >>