Friday, November 13, 2020

In-Class Lessons Back By Year End? Lloyd Signals Pupils May Soon Be Allowed To Head Back Into The Classroom

Education Minister Jeff Lloyd

Tribune Staff Reporter

FACE-to-face learning could resume in all schools across the country before year’s end, according to Education Minister Jeff Lloyd.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, the minister said health officials have indicated it is possible schools could safely reopen with in-person instructions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The development came as Mr Lloyd raised concerns over the fact that 30 percent of registered students are not regularly participating in virtual classes.

“The children want to be in school and we’re working now with the Ministry of Health in trying to find the way that we can safely – because safety is first – bring our children back to school as quickly as possible, observing all of the protocols whether it’s physical distancing, wearing masks and so on. We believe that that is something that is imminent,” Mr Lloyd told reporters at the Ministry of Education yesterday.

“We are meeting with the Ministry of Health officials. They’ve already indicated to us that it is possible.”  Read more >>