Thursday, November 19, 2020

How China crushed coronavirus

In China, a monumental effort by ordinary people and a policy of "infected until proven healthy" have kept new Covid-19 cases at exceptionally low levels since March. Getty Images / WIRED

Lavender Au

Hong Wei* returned to his hometown of Luoyang in Henan province for the Spring Festival in early February. It took a few days for the gateway of his residential compound to be cordoned off, signaling that only residents should enter. For Hong, this was just the first sign of the mass mobilization of people that has characterized China’s remarkably successful response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hong’s uncle had already stocked up on all the ingredients to serve roast meat, braised fish and soup at his restaurant ready for what is usually his most lucrative period, but once state media began telling people to stay at home, he voluntarily closed his restaurant. He was far from alone in taking a financial hit – over 85 per cent of small businesses in China reported that they could only last three months without regular income. They turned to family and friends for loans.  Read more >>