Saturday, November 7, 2020

Eta to strengthen as it moves across northwestern Caribbean


Eta made landfall in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, late Tuesday afternoon. Strong winds are no longer a concern from Eta in Central America, but the powerful winds did hit parts of Nicaragua and Honduras Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Downed trees, power lines and other debris will make travel extremely difficult, if not impossible for a time, severely restricting access to emergency services and medical care. Power outages may last months, particularly near where the center of Eta moves onshore and the greatest damage threat exists.

Currently, Eta intensified into a tropical storm (maximum sustained winds of 39 mph to 64 mph) and is now moving away from the Gulf of Honduras. Eta is expected to intensify today and is expected to be a strong tropical storm by the time it reaches the southern coast of Cuba. Eta should lose wind intensity again after crossing Cuba, and then it will shift to the northwest across the Florida Keys early next week. This will lead to impacts across the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas this weekend into early next week with flooding rain. There will be damaging winds to the north and east of the path of Eta. The highest risk for damaging winds may end up being only across Cuba. However, a large field of strong winds can still cause minor damage, such as tree damage and power outages across all of the previously mentioned areas.  Read latest update >>