Friday, October 23, 2020

Tropical trouble may lurk near Bahamas by next week

Static Tropical Breeding Areas Mid-October to November

Alex Sosnowski

After Epsilon weakened from a major hurricane over the Atlantic, the risk of new tropical development remains low over the next couple of weeks across much of the ocean. However, there are a couple of areas over the southwestern part of the basin that meteorologists will be keeping a closer eye on through the end of October.

The southwestern part of the Atlantic tends to be a tropical hot spot for activity during the latter part of the hurricane season as waters remain warm in this zone. Non-tropical systems that enter the region can help spin up tropical disturbances over the favorable environment for development.

The AccuWeather tropical forecast team is highlighting an area for about a 30% chance of development early next week from near the northern coast of Cuba and the Florida Straits to just northeast of the Bahamas.  Read more >>