Friday, October 23, 2020

Researchers Find Doubts About COVID-19 Vaccine Among People Of Color

A health worker injects a woman during clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine last month in Hollywood, Fla. Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Laurel Wamsley, NPR

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing for the eventual rollout of one or more COVID-19 vaccines — by identifying the concerns that some people have about taking such a vaccine.

At a meeting Thursday of experts advising the FDA on COVID-19 vaccines, the concerns of front-line workers and people of color were read aloud verbatim, highlighting the crucial project of communicating the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine in an environment of deep political distrust.

Those concerns were gathered at a series of listening sessions organized by the Reagan-Udall Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to advance the work of the FDA.

Susan Winckler, the foundation's CEO, noted that its study was rather narrow, with a focus on the role of the FDA in vaccine review and approval.

Nonetheless, participants in the sessions voiced a range of concerns:  Read more >>